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Joomla Web Hosting

Hosting is what you need to get your website on the internet, so others can see it and use it.


What is Website Hosting

If you need to get your website online, so people can look at it and use it, you need website hosting.


A Definition of Website Hosting

If you want to create an actual web site, which will be visible to numerous people and you wish to make it reliable, you will also require a dependable hosting server where you will host it.


Virtual Web Servers

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual private hosting gives you the goodies, extras and root-level access of the dedicated server, for a fraction of the price.


What is Virtual Private Server

Using a virtual private server you can use all the good stuff coming from using a dedicated server and only paying a small amount of the normal price.


Virtual Private Servers

Aside from being much more modestly priced, a virtual private web server hosting package has another advantage over a dedicated web hosting server. While the resources on a physical machine are invariably restricted by its hardware, a VPS web server is a virtual machine with software restrictions.


Domain Names

Register a Domain

For people to reach your website you will need to register a domain name, otherwise people won't be able to find the site.


Register a Domain Name

Domain name registration is what you need for people to be able to find your website on the internet


Cheap Domain Name

You can register several domain names, which can send your web site's visitors to a particular web site such as domain.com, for example. This would increase the traffic and lower the possibility of someone pinching your web page.


Free Hosting Services

Free Web Hosting Solutions

Free hosting can get your website online when you are lacking the funds to get a payed hosting plan


Free Web Hosting

Want to get your website online? Don't have the resources to spend on hosting? Get our free hosting!


Free Web Hosting Services

When you need to get your website online for free, the thing you should use is the free hosting service.


Reseller Solutions

An Explanation of Reseller Hosting

A reseller hosting service is a sort of web hosting user account, which allows the reseller to create separate sub-accounts that can be resold to different clients.


What Exactly is Reseller Hosting

You can use reseller hosting service to sell hosting plans to your clients making a profit


What is Reseller Hosting

A reseller hosting service is a type of hosting user account, which allows the user to create separate subaccounts that can be offered to different clients.


Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Web Hosting

Just like any PC, each dedicated hosting server has one or more central processing units functioning at a specific speed, a specific amount of RAM, one or more hard disk drives, and so on.


Dedicated Server Web Hosting

A dedicated server is indeed a computer with a hardware configuration meant to handle intense load and given software activated on it, like web server software, PHP and MySQL software, etc., which permits the websites hosted on it to be visible on the web.


Dedicated Servers Hosting

The more visitors a web site accommodates simultaneously, the more resources will be required to cope with all the requests from the customers' browsers and to complete them. Hence a dedicated server would be the optimal web site hosting solution for such portals.