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Reseller Hosting Solutions

Hosting Reseller

A web hosting reseller solution is a kind of web hosting account, which enables the user to create separate sub-accounts that can be offered to various clients.


What Precisely is Reseller Web Hosting

With Resellar web hosting you can make a profit by selling web server hosting plans to clients.


A Description of Reseller Hosting

There are a lot of ways of earning revenue on the web and one of them is to resell the web hosting solutions furnished by some hosting services provider. This provides vast possibilities for everyone who wishes to make supplementary profit.


What does Reseller Web Hosting Represent

The typical reseller hosting platform that providers offer is the cPanel one, since the cPanel hosting Control Panel software tool offers three levels of access - root (retained for the web hosting supplier itself), reseller (that is where you come in) and user (for your customers).


Reseller Hosting

A reseller hosting service is an opportunity for the average user to gain profit on the Internet by reselling the web storage space furnished by a particular hosting company.


What does Reseller Web Hosting Denote

The cPanel reseller web hosting operating model works by segmenting cPanel-based web hosting server(s) into predefined reseller web hosting packages, which are afterwards peddled as individual reseller plans. Each single cPanel reseller web site hosting package is administered by the WebHost Manager (WHM) admin interface.