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Virtual Web Servers

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual private web server hosting with PHP - PHP is a multiple-purpose scripting language used in the development of many websites and web applications,


VPS Service

Each separate account is isolated from all other accounts on the hosting server, so each VPS can run a different OS and be restarted autonomously from the rest.


What is a Virtual Private Server

A robust physical machine is partitioned into several virtual web hosting servers that simulate the performance of a customary dedicated server. There are many software applications that make this slicing possible so that the customer acquires a fully functional web server with complete root access and ensured resources.


VPS Hosting

The web hosting disk storage space on a private virtual web server is managed via a web space hosting Control Panel user interface like cPanel, Hepsia, Plesk or DirectAdmin.


VPS Solutions

And due to all the free-of-charge site templates that are available on the Internet, quite a lot of websites are being created, which demand a web hosting solution like the VPS hosting one.


How does a VPS work

A powerful physical server is split into a few virtual private web hosting servers that copy the behavior of a customary dedicated server. There are plenty of software apps that render this division viable so that the user gets a fully operational hosting server with full server root access and guaranteed system resources.